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WE Don't Need No Thought Control

                             ROUT THE MARXISTS                      

     The Education System in the United States has obviously been monopolized and propaganda impregnated by a politically motivated, naive, egocentric, communist style bureaucracy.

  This only leaves one solution: TRUST BUST

   We will break the State Monopolies by requiring all States to either:

a. Abolish all truancy laws for a particular State and eliminate "public funded education"


b.  Supply any k-12 student a student voucher the value of which is 50% the costs which that particular State spends per student in total on k-12 public education (which includes administration, testing, facilities, maintenance, salaries, insurance and transportation; all spending).

   To further Trust Bust the Politburo style university granting of political allegiance diplomas   and slanted teacher and school accreditation process:  Any citizen high school graduate, in any state, having reached the age of 22 years will be deemed qualified to teach k-12 courses.  Any citizen high school graduate having reached 22 years of age will also be deemed qualified to perform any school administrative duty and may acquire school ownership.  



   This small step will reap wonders on a young person's mental development. Parents will be able to protect their child from hideous propaganda or bullies,  select a size school matched to a student's personality, find a school close to a job or home, find a school promoting character development, find a school with the proper case load, find a school emphasizing athletics or music or science or trade skills or college prep.   

     We, as parents, do not want children treated like a herd of units or be molded by political bureaucracies and tare sowers or be subject to hideous textbooks, philosophies or peer pressures.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste and public school monopolies are at the forefront.  It will be so much better when freedom to thrive with discipline is brought back into the education system.


  As a side benefit, this will bring jobs to local residents in poor areas and stop undesired commuters outside the neighborhood from taking control of a local child's mind and health.

   As a side benefit, this will be a huge tax reduction for a higher quality education.  Matthew Lusk 5/7/19.


    For example: in Florida for the year 2016, all-in school costs per student was $8919.00; therefore, a school voucher for the year would equal $4,459.50 for a full academic year.  These vouchers could be used at any private or home school, or if a parent wishes, they will still be able to send their child to a public school.  This is adequate funding to incentivize many small partnerships of teachers to set up a quality resourced and focused school of about 50 students. This is the future of quality education.  Get used to it. Go for it.

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