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     Few things are more vital to the American worker than protective tariffs.  Without protective tariffs, slave labor products from outside our Country can enter the U.S. uninhibited and undercut in price American made goods. This causes factories to close and citizens to be laid off. Whole industries can be destroyed, just look at the American rust belt.  Traitor corporations have conspired with congressmen and presidents to kill off tariffs.  Thence international corporations and foreign combinations have set up factories overseas to ship in slave labor products and reap the cupboards of America's bounty.  America can not compete with slave labor pricing of undeveloped Countries.  Protective tariffs are a must.  The American worker must come first.

     Even if all other countries had freedom and a decent minimum wage, tariffs would still be a good idea.  Tariffs force a country to produce what they are good at, what they have natural resources for, what their climates can grow, etc.  Just like different cells of the body have a natural necessity to regulate what enters and exits the cell membrane. These gate keeping mechanisms are healthy.  On the other hand, it can be deadly if too much of a wrong substance gets in through or leeches out of a membrane or border over a short period of time.

     Every Country should have import tariffs.  The United States should place a minimum 30% tariff on all foreign products and services entering the Country.  Some hostile Countries should not be traded with at all.  Others should have very high tariffs, 200-300%.

     The United States should obviously have higher tariffs on Mexican made products than Canadian made products since Mexican labor costs are so low.  There should be at least a 50% tariff on all Mexican made products.  Imports from Canada should have a 30% tariff to protect American jobs.   There should be a minimum 40% tariff on Brazilian made products. South American coffee beans should have a 100% tariff to protect Puerto Rican growers. On slave labor areas like Asia and India, import tariffs should be very high, at least 100% to protect American jobs.

     Tariffs are very good in raising revenue for the function of our government.

     The Constitution forbids tariffs between individual States of the U.S.  This was very wise. This stopped squabbling and ill will between States and delineated the boundaries of a National sovereign.  A Nation divided against itself can not stand.  Tariffs and regulated borders make for a strong National sovereignty, without which penetration, dilution, anemia and death is the order of the day.

     Today we have in existence multi-trillion dollar breakaway corporation combinations conspiring to rule the world supra-nationally.   This threat must be met.  The United States can not afford to ignore it.  As your congressman, I will do everything possible to defeat globalization of the international fascist deep-state.  Matthew Lusk 5-23-19


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