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Declaration of Sorrow

I would love to get this Declaration officially recognized. Kirk Douglas, the movie actor, inspired  me with his blogpost and I decided to write out a heartfelt apology. It still needs better punctuation, I'm sure.   Matthew 3-29-19


                                           Declaration of Sorrow

          We, the people of the United States of America, now having realized the tremendous abuse and hurt done to  Historical Slaves of America and their Descendants & the tremendous abuse and hurt done to Native Americans and their Descendants, And now having realized that we further promulgated, allowed and ignored subsequent abuse, discrimination and marginalization of these true American Peoples,  Do, hereby recognize & apologize  with the deepest regret and empathy.

           On behalf of the United States of America, these undersigned officials, with utmost humility and sorrow, bow down and ask forgiveness for past sins.


                 President                               xxxxxxxxxx

                 Vice President                        xxxxxxxxxx

                 Justices                                   xxxxxxxxxx


                 Senators                                  xxxxxxxxxx


                 Representatives                        xxxxxxxxxx




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