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IRS No More

      Every year working Americans spend billions of dollars and billions of hours on accounting and tax preparation, then to add insult to injury, they are given a huge haircut with barely enough credit left over to pay the bills.  Special Interests hire high dollar lawyers to lobby and create special loopholes; all happening while narcissistic bureaucrats lap up the gravy and while the tax code is expanded by reams.

    We're mad as H*ll and we're not going to take it anymore!  

     IRS collections and extortions are totally corrupt and unnecessary. This corrupted power is jealously guarded and used by the deep state to target political enemies and stop rivals from earning wealth and competing for a political say.  IRS operations are a subversive intelligence gathering tool.

     We will open a congressional hearing into treasonous practices of IRS officials.

     One of the first bills I hammer out and put in the hopper will dismantle the entire IRS structure, the large portion dedicated to personal income tax. Such bill will eliminate every single IRS  income agent, and will turn over all records upstream in the Department of the Treasury.  (We need these records for a short time to allow Obamacare no-insurance penalties to be clawed back by "tax" payers.)  

    So, how does the U.S. Government Spend? One has to look beyond the tax payer funded propaganda system called "education."  United States commerce has been based on a credit system for decades, not a money system.  Our Treasury floats fungible bonds (debt instruments) into the marketplace at interest payable by tax payers (you & me.)  This credit supply is denominated in fraudulent private "federal reserve dollars," not Constitutional dollars.  Today, the Treasury and Fed are in an unholy matrimony from H*ll.  The private federal reserve banking cartel (politically the most powerful spouse,) is allowed to create trillions of dollars every year from almost nothing (3% down on electronic loan creations) and then loan borrowers must pay back in sweat & wages.  The private federal reserve pays the Department of Engraving and Printing for the costs of the print job only on any paper currency ordered.   The volume of this credit supply, the portion that is unencumbered (liquidity), is easily controlled by private federal reserve officials and these officials manipulate it to their advantage in order to soak investors. Banksters also funnel funds to the global deep state. 

   The solution is:  All Federal expenditures must start at a cleaned-up Treasury Department and must bypass the unbacked private banking cartel dollars. The United States is broke.  We no longer have a silver supply so we must print Treasury Silver Futures Certificates for all United States Government expenditures. The fraudulent private federal reserve banking officials will be jailed and their computer operations taken over by a cleaned-up Treasury Department. Member banks will still have operating facilities and balances but no longer will have the power to create "fake money" from nothing (this power will be stripped.) All old (honestly obtained) fed cartel dollars will remain legal tender and will be tradable side-by-side intermixed with Treasury Silver Futures Certificates.

    Under this system, the hidden "tax" (inflation) is flat, though overall inflation will decrease because presently most inflation is derived from the fraudulent banking cartel's currency expansion. There is no reason to overturn an Amendment; The present Amendment will not be exercised. The XVI Amendment grants Congress the "power" to collect a direct income tax but does not require that power be exercised;  Similarly Congress is granted the power to declare war, it does not have to exercise that power.  There will be no way for insider scammers to possibly escape through a tax loophole because the income tax will be moot and the predatory dinosaur destroyed.  Reducing spending, creating good jobs, and reducing other high costs of living organically through freedom (think healthcare, education and energy on this website) will make for a very enjoyable life.  Matthew 4/16/2019

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