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Hookers Have Hearts Too

       Freedom to commit certain immoralities as a cleansing agent? Liberty to sin seems counter-productive, but could that liberty be gifted from God?  I would say yes, God desires one's free-will love.  Pilate has a role in Governance and Jesus has a role in Salvation.     If pure morality was legislated, all citizens would be in jail; so the question becomes, which immoralities are legal under the U.S. Constitution. God gives one the liberty to love Him and He is long suffering. Personal sin is between an individual and their Creator or an individual and their destroyer. God grants you liberty. Who do you love?

      Our Constitution protects a tremendous amount of personal freedom with a federated power just strong enough to secure that freedom.  The Federal Government only has the power to step in when the personal crimes are heinous.

      There are basically three types of personal immorality: self -abuse, collaborative self-abuse, and forced abuse on others.  The Federal Government is granted no jurisdiction in governing self-abuse and collaborative self-abuse but is granted federated jurisdiction in governing forced abuse on others.  The Federal Government may also step in to remedy error of an individual State's restriction on freedom.

     Let's clarify, here are some examples of self -abuse: Choking one's chicken, twiddling one's twat, body piercings, satanism, drinking in excess, doping in excess, eating in excess, asking an unclean spirit to enter ones body, viewing pornography, reading slut novels, idol worship, excessive sunbathing, excessive sleeping, smoking tobacco, not cleaning one's body or teeth, embracing the kundalini spirit, jezebel spirit, bloodlust spirit or any of the demonic spirits, scratch-off gambling, ultra marathoning.

     Let's clarify, here are some examples of collaborative self-abuse:  fornication, strip clubbing, adultery, pre-marital cunnilingus, sodomy, prostitution, tarot reading, séance parties, drug parties, boxing, football, playing "chicken," militant co-dependency, playing choke-out, poker, betting on horses, extreme risk wall street investing.

     Let's clarify, here are some examples of forced abuse on others:  rape, murder, abortion, slavery, larceny, battery, excessive child discipline, fraud, poisonings, smuggling, monopolism of any sector, excessive taxation, excessive confinement, harassments of many kinds, confiscations, spying, driving intoxicated, destroying property not one's own, inciting riots, always keeping in mind agents of a government, foreign or domestic, could be a proponent of abuse.

       Living in a free Country, having the liberty to make choices, and learning from one's mistakes is the essence of America.  Jail time and fines for self-abuse breaches of the law cause more harm than good in so many ways. The tax payments for incarcerations are overbearing, the prisoners usually can't pay and face extra hardships for lack of money, rehabilitation success is very low, prisoners learn worse ways of behaving behind bars, hearts are hardened.  On the other hand when dealing with heinous crimes, good governance demands execution.  It's affordable to the taxpayer, it brings justice for the victim, the offender never commits another heinous crime, and it becomes an example to the leery.

     So how does legal prostitution benefit society?    By reducing some of the effects derived from illegal prostitution. No one is saying prostitution is ideal, just that one avenue of doing business is less harmful than another avenue. Solicitations at the corner gas stations will be reduced, hookers will be in far less danger from violence, hookers will make a better earning in controlled settings.  Hookers will spread less drug use to clients, VD will decrease in the general population, massage parlors will not be stuck with a prostitution stigma, tax payers will spend way less money on the prison industrial complex, but most of all Freedom and Liberty is Preserved!  Our Campaign is all about Freedom and Liberty.  Matthew 4-16-2019


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