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Gun Rights Are Unalienable

    The right for sane adults to own a firearm is unalienable.  No government can infringe upon this right.   A legislative congress has NO constitutional authority to ever lawfully take away a United States Citizen's God given right to self protection and the protection of one's family and neighbors.

     There are three prime reasons to own a gun for protection.

     First and foremost, weapons provide protection against common criminals like burglars and rapists.  Weapons are equalizers; a small person can shoot an aggressive psycho who perpetrates selfish acts of violence.  All citizens have the right to shoot in self defense.  Guns save thousands of lives every year.  

       Second, weapons can be used to keep despotic police forces at bay.   Many socialist countries use police forces violently to make a populace conform and submit to painful dictates.  Having enough pistols, rifles and ammunition dispersed throughout a neighborhood can prevent a left wing overthrow of an anemic government when the "rubber hits the road."  The strength of a Free Union is only as good as the integrity of its gatekeepers.  If too many corrupt gatekeepers obtain positions of relevance because of voter apathy, in defense, an armed militia of the few may then thwart a despot regime from really going rogue into the area of genocide.  History has shown despot regimes typically use their police forces to brutalize their own populace.              

         Third, a well armed populace creates détente with foreign adversaries. Like how a beehive with a thousand stingers can thwart a sizeable brute; a populace with a million semi-automatics will make a foreign adversary think twice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        AS YOUR CONGRESSMAN, I WILL NEVER VOTE TO BAN OR LICSENCE SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, RIFLES, OR AMMUNITION.

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