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Gimme Back My Bullets

     I am frequently reading in the local newspaper where some poor soul is getting pulled-over for a minor traffic violation and then getting charged with a felony for possessing a gun after being convicted of a felony.  This is most costly to otherwise law abiding citizens and the taxpayers.  Most ex-felons with guns are using them for protection.

     When a felon gets out of prison, he or she doesn't just go to live in a $300,000 mansion in a good neighborhood where there are plenty of police patrols and friendly neighbors watching the yard next door, where there is little chance of getting mugged, robbed, raped or extorted.  No, the felon usually finds the cheapest and most dangerous of neighborhoods.  He or she does not have a choice.  He or she rarely has money.  A knife or baseball bat doesn't cut it for protection, an ex-felon needs a gun.

     Guns are the best forms of protection during a break-in. Every free citizen needs this right for protection, especially citizens in poor neighborhoods.  To be caught in a bad neighborhood without a gun is almost asking to be robbed.  

     So the logic goes like this: bad ex-felons, good ex-felons.  A bad ex-felon will get a gun. A bad ex-felon will commit an extra crime in order to obtain a gun and probably commit 25 more crimes before a second arrest.   A good ex-felon has to make a choice, live in fear and be a target the rest of his or her life or break the law.  This is not a good proposition, probabilities and real moralities must be weighed.

     Why are people scared of ex-felons having a gun, because many ex-felons should not be on the street.  There was a problem during sentencing; murderers,  armed robbers and rapists should have been executed.  Legislators are way to lenient on rapes, murders and armed robberies.  It is unjust to the otherwise law abiding ex-felon to be severely penalized for another ex-felon's unjust sentence.  A father in a bad neighborhood needs to protect his family in a bad neighborhood.  He's not just doing it for himself, he needs to protect his kids and wife also.  A woman alone in a bad neighborhood definitely needs a gun.  The dangers of not owning a gun is too great.  Matt 5/25/19

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