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Federal Reserve Banksters


           The United States is Broke!

  This is  the one thing America needs to come to grips with most. If one doesn't know where one is in the wilderness, one doesn't know the right path to find a way out.  The United States has the largest debt of any country in the whole world.  Let that sink in.  A person may be one million dollars in debt and still be driving a brand new Buick but, eventually the piper must be paid.  

     The weakening of our economic condition didn't happen overnight or by accident: It has been going on for decades and on purpose. The international deep state or globalists, as they have been called,  are constantly undermining America.  Their economic model is fascist.  Their education model is propaganda and behavior modification.  Their international compliance model is war (We Came, We saw, He Died, Hee Hee Hee….Hillary Clinton,) or (We are on the verge of a New World Order....George Bush).  Their internal compliance model is over-taxation, over-legislation, violation and imprisonment.  Americans who love  freedom and independence are the last thing standing in the way of genocide.

     For now, let's stick with funding, it takes leverage to move large boulders or geopolitics. 

                   Money equals Power. Money equals power. Money equals power. 

     Megalomaniacs care not how they get their money, legal or illegal.  With money, spies can be paid, officials bribed, mobs hired, weapons bought, communication equipment bought, propaganda generated, food and housing bought and general operations deployed.  Without funding and earthly weapons, there is no extensive power for conspirators.  For this discussion, it matters not that elite conspirators themselves are but mere puppets of a greater deceiver. 

     All around the world, throughout history, financial fraud has been the most opportunistic platform for the meteoric rise of evil regimes.  In these United States, knowledge on the basic facets of money itself is so sparse in the electorate that the Republic  itself is in danger of collapse … third world style. If extraordinary Patriotic Americans do not rise up, at this time of economic weakness, and expose, prosecute and jail known conspirators and dismantle their operations,  globalists will transmute our Country into a puppet state of World Fascism. 

matthew 4-18-2019

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