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Federal Reserve Banksters



           The United States is Broke!

  This is  the one thing America needs to come to grips with most. If one doesn't know where one is in the wilderness, one doesn't know the right path to find a way out.  The United States has the largest debt of any country in the whole world.  Let that sink in.  A person may be one million dollars in debt and still be driving a brand new Buick, but eventually the piper must be paid.  

     The weakening of our economic condition didn't happen overnight or by accident; it has been going on for decades and on purpose. The international deep state or globalists, as they have been called,  are constantly undermining America.  Their economic model is fascist.  Their education model is propaganda and behavior modification.  Their international compliance model is war (We Came, We saw, He Died, Hee Hee Hee….Hillary Clinton,) or (We are on the verge of a New World Order....George Bush).  Their domestic compliance model is over-taxation, over-legislation, violation and imprisonment.  Americans who love  freedom and independence are the last thing standing in the way of genocide.

     For now, let's stick with funding, it takes leverage to move large boulders or geopolitics. 

                   Money equals Power. Money equals power

     Megalomaniacs care not how they get their money, legal or illegal.  With money, spies can be paid, officials bribed, mobs hired, weapons bought, communication equipment bought, propaganda generated, food and housing bought and general operations deployed.  Without funding and earthly weapons, there is no extensive power for conspirators.  For this discussion, it matters not that elite conspirators themselves are but mere puppets of a greater deceiver. 

     All around the world, throughout history, financial fraud has been the most opportunistic platform for the meteoric rise of evil regimes.  In these United States, knowledge on the basic facets of money itself is so sparse in the electorate that the Republic  itself is in danger of collapse … third world style. If extraordinary Patriotic Americans do not rise up, at this time of economic weakness, and expose, prosecute and jail known conspirators and dismantle their operations,  globalists will transmute our Country into a puppet state of World Fascism. 


                                     MESH & CLUTCH

     Question?  How does one return the United States to a sound money of account avoiding a hard reset and implosion?  One must employ a clutch (gradual conversion) and a meshing wheel (which can integrate the new treasury currency of account with the old private Federal Reserve currency of account.)  How this must be done is to gradually, over a 20 to 30 year period of time, squirt or mesh in new federal spending, not using today's treasury bonds which are denominated in fake private federal reserve dollars, but a new form of paper printed treasury notes which could be called "fractional future silver certificates."  These Paper notes will have a five year lag time, paying out a set amount of .999 fine troy ounces of silver,  but which can also be spent or deposited immediately, or at anytime, by the holder, as a set amount of the old currency of account, namely, private Federal Reserve dollars.  

     Below is a picture example of what such a note will look like.  Notice that the U.S. Treasury, by spending these mixed backing notes into the economy, will no longer collect the personal income tax for revenue.  For each tranche issued, treasurers will buy at market value the portion of silver necessary to fully redeem all freshly printed notes.  The non-silver portion, that value, will be theoretically retained for government expenditures within the general fund. On the first year of printing, say 2020, the Treasury will spend approximately 1/10 of the "pile of notes" to purchase silver for future bearer redemption. With the open market value of silver being approximately twenty dollars  per ounce today, the first year will see approximately any $200 of freshly printed notes force the treasury procurement of one ounce of silver, the silver being vaulted for future bearer redemption. Then every year thereafter, according to open market silver pricing,  treasurers will increase the silver  portion (newest tranches)  of the total note value by 2% until the total value of these newest notes equals 50% silver backed value + 50% percent unbacked paper value.  Every year the newest printed tranches will be adjusted to the open market silver price to derive what silver quantity to  payout in five years. Eventually, shooting for the maximum silver content at the time of issuance will be 50% silver with a 5 year lag.  That leaves 50% as tax revenue, a flat tax with no loopholes to exploit.  Of course, the tax pain felt is totally dependent on Congress' spending legislation.

       True, Congress must govern their spending habit, but at present, there is no restraint on spending ( the debt ceiling has been continuously raised by Congress for decades.)  This has been the initial cause of price inflation of goods and services with the private federal reserve expanding inflation 9x. As time goes on, every tranche of new treasury silver futures certificates will gradually have it's silver portion increased so  the value of the silver portion of the note ( a clutch), returns the United States to a strong and honest hard money. A credibility that is desperately needed.

       Such a system will bring back foreign credibility, as currently, the private federal reserve note is being rejected by foreign traders and hated by most traders not trading on inside information.  This note will bring stability to United States bookkeeping, both public and private. The fed banksters will be stripped of their stolen power.

     Take note, this new currency of account is delegated or spent however the holder wishes:  The holder may save it in a lockbox for five years and take the silver payout (though logic suggests there will arise a system of cashing in the near term silver fractional certificates for more $$$); or the holder may spend it right into the economy at any time; or the holder may immediately deposit it into any traditional bank account registering at the old currency of account value- fed$$$ . This is how the mesh works its magic, old fed$$$ meshing with new silver certificate $$$ into existing local bank electronic platforms.

     Theoretically a treasury could also run gold treasury future certificates, but this is not necessary since the gold value will float on its own merit and would be a derivative of the currency of account or it's own barter price.  When our founders created a bimetallic monetary set-up, they never foresaw a usurpation of our hard money system, or changing mining ratios between gold and silver or big whale speculators in bed with corrupt market makers and dishonest regulators. Instituting a monometallic money of account will completely suffice and will be less confusing than a bimetallic system. The Banksters, by miss-labeling the word "dollar" which traditionally is a weight of metal stamped onto a metal coin itself, corrupted the etymology by pasting "dollar" onto a piece of paper backed by absolutely nothing-no metal encumbered-no metal in sight. Today there is "dollar" and "dollar", the same spelled words meaning two totally different things. Elite financial criminals scored trillions of dollars of booty by confusing their victims with wordplay. Modern bankers of the private Federal Reserve, similar to Rumplestiltskin, have truly turned plant fiber and electronic accounting into stolen gold.  We are going to expose this fraud and theft and return monetary oversight to a cleaned up Treasury.  Please vote for Matthew Lusk in 2020.             matthew 11-24-2019




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