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Estate Tax

     Our campaign supports ending the estate tax scheme. Ownership of all property belonging to the State is Communist and Hyena like in nature.  People work hard all their life, then get stuck with more tax? I don't think so. Many businesses, ranches and farms are being broken up in order to pay estate tax.  It is not good business to put people out of business.  This must stop.

     It is not honorable to covet a rich person's property.  Lack of property has little to do with a neighbor building up their property over a long period of time.  People working, means more production and more to go around.  wealthy people in general are generous about sharing and hiring those in need.  Donation statistics prove this. More work creates abundant store shelves and rainy day excess.

     Children bring parents joy and each one gives them incentives to work and provide a harvest and home.  As long as gainful legal employment increases a person's wealth, that person should have the right to distribute it as he or she sees fit.  It is freedom and the American way.  What parent would not want to leave something for their kids after they die.  Why should the government put their grubby hands on any of it.  Governments are greedy by Nature,  if citizens let them have their way, they will strip every leaf in the forest like a swarm of locusts.  As your congressman, I will smack the grubby hands of government every chance I get.  Vote Lusk in 2020.  Thank You.  Matt 5/30/19.


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