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Deluge: Put a Number on it!

     Why are the despotic deep state manipulators bent on open borders?  Answer: Because overwhelming hordes of dirt poor migrants can drain a nation's economic resources.  The deep state satanists hate nation states.  They want world government and power unlimited. No national independence from anyone.  They especially hate the power and sovereignty of the United States because this nation, the strongest on earth, with its freedom of worship, still professes Christ to be the One.   The deep state hates Christ and loves sin; these players exalt man. The very deep state wants a world government with all mankind worshiping man as a prelude to worshipping satan.  

     The deep state knows homeless migrants cost tons of money taken from the working productive class.  Truth be told, they actually hate what we think of as production, a good economy, modern machinery to save labor, and quality food and housing;  they actually love death and destruction and feasting on a national carcass.

     Their strategy is this: Overwhelm the U.S. economy-- overwhelm the U.S. military power--slaughter all the Christians-- sit on the world throne and declare man is God-- demand to be worshipped by every single living person.  Sounds maniacal and it is, but this is truth.  This is what is happening and if grown men cower, this is what will continue to happen.

     On the bright side, the Christian United States is a blessing to the world and we can assimilate large numbers of honest people even some with hate filled hearts and chips on their shoulders.  However, we can not do it in overwhelming numbers.  What's the limit?  Answer: 500,000 per year, more than enough to relieve problem areas and hot points around the world.  We don't want to break the camel's back and we need to address homelessness and mental illness of U.S. citizens in a timely manner.

     As your Congressman, I will curb total immigration down to 500,000 of the best qualified applicants per year and will secure our borders to defend against the  tyranny of international players and their megalomaniacal schemes.

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